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My Spanish Love

Welcome to My Spanish Love - soon to be the largest collection of Spanish love poems on the internet. Here you can find short, inspirational, romantic poems and quotes in Spanish about life, love, and friendship, and a truly unique and special way to express your deepest feelings and say I love you, miss you, or am thinking of you, to your loved one. You can tell her or him how you feel with all your heart and soul, with some of the world's most famous, and classic love Spanish poems written by Neruda, Lorca and and many more. We also include Spanish to English converter links to convert Spanish to English translations. Please feel free to write in and comment, suggest or send in any Spanish love poems that you feel we should include in our site.

  1. Mi Inspiracion - Anonimo
  2. Me gusta - Anonimo
  3. Cuando tu me miras - Felix Pages
  4. Como Saber! - Anonimo
  5. Tan Solo una Vez! - Anonimo
  6. Sueno o Realidad- Anonimo
  7. Perdoname - Anonimo 
  8. Reencuentro - Fabian Ruiz
  9. El Vacio que Dejaste - Daniela Aragunde
  10. Nostalgia - Jose A.Flores Gudiel
  11. Solo te (Anonimo)  
  12. Verdades (An?nimo)
  13. Amor Eterno (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer)
  14. Amor, Amor (Garcilaso de la Vega)
  15. El dia que me quieras (Amado Nervo)
  16. Hora tras hora, dia tras dia (Rosalia de Castro)
  17. Leda (Ruben Dario)   
  18. Amor mas poderoso que la muerte (Anonimo)   
  19. Definiendo el amor (Francisco de Quevedo)
  20. Amor (Juan Ramon Jimenez)
  21. Llama de amor viva (San Juan de la Cruz)
  22. La dulce boca (Anonimo)
  23. Nanas de cebolla - Miguel Hernandez
  24. Para encontrar tu rostro(Gustavo Adolfo Becquer)
  25. El Vaco que Dejaste - Daniela Aragunde
  26. Poema del cante jondo- Lorca  
  27. Llama de amor viva - San Juan de la Cruz
  28. Besame - Daniela Aragunde
  29. Bella - Pablo Neruda
  30. Besos A Escondidas - Valeria Valoska



Spanish Love Poems


My favourite poem by Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca

Adelina de paseo

La mar no tiene naranjas.
ni Sevilla tiene amor.
Morena, que luz de fuego.
Prestame tu quitasol.

Me pondre la cara verde,
zumo de lima y limon,
tus palabras, pececillos,
nadaran alrededor.

La mar no tiene naranjas.
Ay, amor.
Ni Sevilla tiene amor!

Federico Garcia Lorca

Adelina walking

do not grow in the sea
neither is there love in Sevilla.
You in Dark and the I the sun that's hot,
loan me your parasol.

I'll wear my jealous reflection,
juice of lemon and lime-
and your words,
your sinful little words-
will swim around awhile.

do not grow in the sea,
Ay, love!
And there is no love in Sevilla!

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